Art dolls exhibition in Hanoi 「アートドール:沈黙の語るもの」展

Hello, this is Nha from Hanoi, Vietnam

It has been a time for me to delay my blog. I am very sorry.
The summer seems to be over in Hanoi and we daily meet with the occasional rain and the temperature gradually becomes cooler here. In this season, a poncho-like-raincoat is a must-have gadget for us, as most of us drift around the city by motorbikes and have to protect ourselves from a sudden autumn rain.


Anyway, even this changeable gloomy weather cannot stop the people to come to our new exhibition entitled “Art Dolls: Silent voices” by Ms. Tran Thu Hang, whose opening was held on 6 September 2011.
This is the very first time for one Vietnamese young artist to exhibit his/her artworks in our exhibition hall. This project is entitled “Young Talent Series”, in which our center aims to provide the opportunity for a young Vietnamese artist to exhibit their collection of artworks in a format of a solo exhibition for the first time in his/her career.
ところで、そんな憂うつなお天気の中でも、たくさんの人たちが「アートドール:沈黙の語るもの」展に来てくれています。この展覧会ではTran Thu Hangさんの作品が展示されていて、2011年9月6日にオープニングセレモニーが開催されました。
ベトナム人若手アーティストの個展がベトナム日本文化交流センターで開催されるのは今回が初めてなんです!このプロジェクトは、「Young Talent Series」というもので、ベトナム人アーティストの卵たちに自分たちの作品を個展というスタイルで、初めて一般に公開するチャンスを提供することを目的としています。

Ms. Hang, who is considered as the first dolls artist in Vietnam, started to make her own dolls since she was a child. After graduated from Vietnam University of Fine Art, she started to focus on making wooden dolls inspired by Japanese dolls which she has one seen in an exhibition. I am very surprised to know that she learned to make the art dolls nowhere. She found the technique by herself and made the dolls with her own imagination.

Ms. Tran Thu Hang
Tran Thu Hangさん

She is skinny but with strong arms. You will be amazed if you can see how she controls a big cutter machine and uses the knives to carve the wooden shapes. I wonder how that skinny hands can be that powerful. In the exhibition, she also made some new art works related to Japanese culture, especially related to our concern on the last tsunami and earthquake in Japan.

In the opening day, we welcomed more than 360 visitors to our center. Most of them are art students and young artists in Hanoi and some are of the artist’s networks. It seems that despite how old we are, we are always attracted by dolls let alone the dolls of Ms.Hang tell us a lot of stories and bring us the nostalgia of childhood. I did visit the exhibition 3 times already and I don’t think I can refuse to see it some more time until the end of the exhibition on 7 October, 2011.

Opening speeches

Our new director, Mr. Kazumi Inami
新所長のKazumi Inamiさんです。

Artist's talk in the opening day

A video of the process of making the art dolls is screened on the wall in the exhibition hall.

A young visitor is interviewed by several TV reporters.

One visitor is taking photos the artwork “Cluttered at the Fair”. This is about one Vietnamese highland minority ethnic lady travels to the fair by bicycle.
ある来場者の方は「Cluttered at the Fair」というタイトルがついた作品の写真を撮っていました。これはベトナムの山岳少数民族の女性が自転車で市場に行くときの様子。

A wide view in our purple-painted exhibition hall
Some art works related to Japanese culture

A geisha in the “Snow flowers”
「Snow flowers」に舞う芸者

Two families in Japan

“Toy boxes”, the one amazes visitors describing a baby victim in the tsunami and earthquake.
「Toy boxes」 津波地震で犠牲になった赤ちゃんを表現した作品に来場者は驚かされました。

The exhibition runs until 7 October, 2011 and I hope the number of the visitors will break the record of the biggest number of the visitors in our exhibition hall.

Hope you will enjoy the exhibition with the photos.

See you in next entry